Verification of Benefits

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Verification of Benefits

Hansei Solutions offers a team that will provide a live verification of benefits to help assist your team in making a determination on admissions.

The Insurance Eligibility Verification team uses historical data to provide predicted reimbursement rates based on the insurance policy and has access to portal information to provide preliminary information after hours. Hansei is committed to communicate information to all accounts, provide preliminary information within 30 minutes and verify insurance live, within 90 minutes of the request. The team at Hansei is committed to identifying medical billing trends to assist your team with continuous growth.

Our professional billing services are comprehensive and accurate with a focus on consistency and attention to detail.
Our forensic collections team specializes in recovering claims and/or overturning denials.
Uncover and recoup on opportunities that were otherwise lost, Hansei helps identify and maximize through every possible channel.
The core component in obtaining optimum reimbursement from an insurance company, is the verification of benefits.
Hansei believes that education is an essential component for success in the UR process.
Our collections process is optimized to generate the best results and highest adjudication rates.
Hansei provides a full-service Utilization Review (UR) experience with a complete tailored assessments.
Our audit process will help reveal gaps and discrepancies to improve efficiency and areas for improvement.
Establish and maintain standards and procedures for certification, re-certification and maintenance of certification of your staff.
Access all the most accurate and relevant data of your addiction treatment and behavioral health program’s performance.

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What People Say

One of the most valuable pieces of working with Hansei Solutions was the work placed into educating our clinical team.

Detox Center, Los Angeles CEO

They not only provide the consultation and direction to be able to manage services oftentimes outsourced, but they also empower the organization to manage each task independently.

Mental Health Treatment Center, Los Angeles Clinical Director

[Hansei] empowered us by providing the information needed to hire and train billing specialists (as well as leaders of the company) in billing procedures and benefits of varying insurance policies.

Treatment Center, California CFO