CTB & Hansei – Celebrating Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month, and Hansei is partnering with Came to Believe Athletics (CTB) to raise awareness for mental health and addiction treatment and advocacy resources. 


Mental health and addiction are among the most challenging fights, and boxing is an outlet for those fighting these illnesses. With each punch, you feel more powerful and more skillful and develop a sense of confidence.

Together, we are redefining what it looks like to be strategic partners for growth in recovery.  This month, in honor of Mental Health Awareness, Hansei introduces the first of a conversational series, beginning with CTB’s recently signed Champion boxer, Ryan Martin – also known as Bluechip, or Blue, or Kid London (which we get into).  


Despite his massive success in the boxing world, Ryan’s singular focus became more and more detrimental to his mental health, leading to some much-needed time away from the sport – a sport that launched him into a league many only dream of, including the Olympic trials, and a deal with 50 Cent. 


Honestly, we were skeptical at first, wondering how open this guy would really be – luckily for us, he went there.  Ryan came to the table ready to share the truth about his experience – the lack of support, the terrifying rock bottoms, and finding success in your purpose.  


Speaking of purpose – CTB (Came to Believe) was founded by four men in recovery, who have sought out boxing on all levels as a part of their recovery journey.   


As a partner to healthcare providers, as well as advocates for a comeback story, we are supporting CTB Athletics and their boxers on their mission to DO better and BE better.


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