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Hansei Solutions provides advanced and seamless behavioral health billing services to maximize revenue cycle management and profitability for addiction and mental health treatment providers.

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The Behavioral Billing Solution

For those who may not be familiar with behavioral health billing, it involves generating invoices, translating services into codes, submitting claims, and following up on claims with payers, insurance companies, or government programs like Medicare or Medicaid. Whether you’ve just opened a addiction or mental health practice or have years of experience and need an upgrade, Hansei Solutions is here to help navigate the complex and ever-changing world of behavioral health billing.

Hansei Solutions distinguishes itself from other behavioral health billing service providers by staying up-to-date with insurance criteria and bringing innovative ideas to the table. We prioritize treating our clients with kindness, patience, and compassion while making responsiveness and accessibility a top priority. Our technology platforms are unparalleled in the industry and feature innovative tools that help clients make informed business decisions.


The Importance Of Efficient Behavioral Health Billing

Without efficient  behavioral health billing services, addiction and mental health treatment providers can get caught up in confusing paperwork and continuously updating regulations. In-house medical billing can be time-consuming and drain time and resources that could be devoted to delivering quality patient care. This can lead to delayed or missed payments and increased claim denials, ultimately impacting your revenue cycle.

If your practice’s behavioral health billing isn’t handled correctly or up to date with regulations and insurance requirements, you risk lost cash flow and even financial or legal penalties.

Hansei Solution’s behavioral health billing services help reduce the time between providing addiction or mental health services and receiving payment, allowing you to reinvest in your practice, upgrade equipment, and offer additional services to patients.

Our Behavioral Health Billing Services Include:

Medical Coding: Our software simplifies medical coding and is regularly updated with the latest DSM5, CPT, and ICD-10 codes, enabling you to accurately search and code medical procedures and diagnoses anytime, anywhere.

Claims Submission & Scrubbing: Our medical billing software automates daily claim submissions to ensure timely payment and uses reliable claim scrubbing to eliminate errors, reduce denied claims, isolate problem areas, and improve the overall billing process.

Accounts Receivable Management: We’ll manage and follow up with outstanding patient balances and insurance claims to minimize outstanding claims and maximize our client’s cash flow.

Patient Eligibility & Invoicing: Our patient eligibility and invoicing system ensures timely payment of medical bills not covered by insurance by instantly checking patient’s primary or secondary insurance eligibility in real time or before an appointment.

HIPAA & Medical Compliance: Our solutions follow and stay current with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulations and the latest medical requirements.

Accurate Charge Entries: Our charge entry process is designed to be systematic and accurate, with relevant checks at every stage to minimize errors and streamline billing procedures for healthcare providers.

Financial & Patient Statement Reports: Outsourcing to a medical billing company does not result in losing control of your practice. Our on-demand financial reports and patient statements provide our clients with insight into their strengths, problem areas, revenue cycle, and how your billing process is performing.

Benefits Of Medical Billing Services



Medical Coding’s Role In Behavioral Health Billing

At Hansei Solutions, we understand that medical coding is a crucial component of the  behavioral healthcare revenue cycle. Our team of medical coders is proficient in translating healthcare services and procedures into numeric or alphanumeric codes for billing and reimbursement purposes.

Hansei Solutions uses various coding systems to ensure that services are accurately assigned, documented, and billed. Our medical coding experts ensure that codes are entered correctly to prevent errors and delays in the billing process, which ensures that  behavioral healthcare providers receive appropriate reimbursement for the services they provide.

Our Behavioral Health Billing Process

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Meet & Plan

Our medical billing process starts with an initial consultation to understand your practice’s specialty and unique billing needs. Once we understand your objectives and capabilities, we’ll create a personalized service plan tailored to increase revenue and improve patient care.

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Build & Integrate

Next, we seamlessly integrate our billing solutions with your existing system or get you started on the ground floor. During this phase, we’ll train and support your staff so they are fully equipped to handle any changes made to the billing process.

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Support & Communication

Once the integration is complete, we provide ongoing support and communication to ensure your billing process runs smoothly. Our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns regarding the billing process.

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Improving & Adapting

At Hansei Solutions, we also believe in continuous improvement. We regularly review and analyze your billing process to identify areas of improvement, optimize specific needs, and adapt to new technology and innovation.


Our Behavioral Health Billing Services Help:

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