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Partner Spotlights: Tennessee Addiction Treatment Facilities

Hansei Solutions is proud to give the spotlight to some of our partner addiction treatment facilities in Tennessee, close to our headquarters in Franklin. Some of these centers operate multiple facilities, but all are dedicated to providing affordable and caring mental health and addiction treatment services to those in need.

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Partner Spotlights: California Addiction Treatment Facilities

This month, Hansei Solutions is dedicating an article to some of our California addiction treatment partner facilities: Asana Recovery, AToN Center, Rancho Milagro Recovery, and California Prime Recovery.

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The Negative Effects Of Medical Billing Discrepancies On Your Practice

Most patients will look at their medical bill, add their credit card to your practice's online portal, and never think about their bill until they see it on their bank statement. However, errors can slip past medical providers and insurance companies, and patients are the last people you want to second-guess your services and professionalism.

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2023 Case Study: Addiction Treatment Center in Nashville, TN

According to the latest study, addiction affects nearly 30 million Americans yearly. It also affects the rest of the population, impacting family members, friends, and spouses, and costs the economy close to $249 billion for alcohol abuse and $139 billion for drug abuse.

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A Beginner’s Guide To End-To-End Revenue Cycle Management

Hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, behavioral treatment centers, and small medical practices are known for saving lives and providing healthcare. However, many of these services are owned by private companies and medical groups that also need to focus on successful business tactics, policies, and the state of their revenue cycle.

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