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We don’t take our partnerships lightly. We combine powerful, industry-leading business intelligence with unparalleled customer support to help our clients achieve their grand visions and exponential growth. We believe it takes dedication, continuous innovation and responsiveness to form bonds and ultimately build your business. We’re in it for the long term.

About Us

Our Story & Mission

Founder & CEO, Erin Burke, shares the story and mission behind Hansei and our partnership with Gulf Capital.

Our Core Values in Action



For us, trailblazing is a progressive journey of learning and creating. Hansei sets itself apart with pioneering innovation and developing industry-first platforms. Our cutting-edge technology, from business intelligence to predictive analytics and EMR advancements, solidifies our position as the gold standard in behavioral health technology and revenue cycle management. 



Passion is the heartbeat of our mission. Dedicated to championing the fair treatment of individuals dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues, we actively challenge inequities in treatment, advocate for our facilities, and hold insurance companies accountable. 

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Proactive & Adaptable

Empowering our staff as forward thinkers makes anticipation a cornerstone of our mission. By actively encouraging our team to engage with leadership, we create a culture of innovation; 

whether forecasting customer needs or interpreting market trends, we prioritize the future.



As industry advocates, our personal relationships with recovery connect us to our commitment.  Acknowledging the range of emotional challenges in healthcare, we genuinely care for each other, our clients, and those seeking treatment while we all aim to learn, grow, and get better.



Understanding the fast-paced nature of behavioral health makes reliability a central thread in our commitment to exceptional service.  Like those seeking treatment, our clients rely on our knowledge and availability to help navigate the unique journey of each recovery process.

Meet the Trailblazers
Hansei is guided by a team of visionary leaders who embody the ethos that the growth of any company is intricately linked with the growth of the people. These individuals make Hansei not simply a workplace but a place of continuous improvement, unwavering commitment to our core values, and a passion for positively impacting those we serve. These trailblazers encourage their teams to bring their whole selves to work and foster genuine care for colleagues, our clients, and the patients our clients serve.
“Reflecting on the past, learning from mistakes, and working towards a better future” – Hansei

Erin Burke

Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Future leaders 2023

Jessica Cupp

Chief Operations Officer

Patrick Dunn, MS, ICADC, PhD, abd

Chief Strategy Officer

Terry Goertz

Chief Technology Officer

Gayle Hanson

Chief People Officer

Stephanie Howland

Director of Revenue Cycle

Reid Halsey

Vice President of Finance

Tina Wangler

Director of Revenue Cycle

Carli Stump

Director of Brand Strategy

Jacy Bruck

Business Development & Operations

History of Innovation

2016 – Hansei Founded:

Focusing on Revenue Management for Addiction and ​Substance Use Facilities​.

June 2017
  • Implementation of the first Hansei Business Intelligence Platform
  • Advocating for enforcement of mental health parity law​
  • Partnered with Gulf Capital ​to expand resources ​and improve ​technology solutions​
  • Leveraged AI to automate billing processes
Who we serve
2023 – 2024
  • Launch of Benji, a full-service, enterprise EMR solution that drives intelligent workflows for compliant clinical care, documentation, and revenue cycle. 
  • Launch of the Rehab Owners Community, a digital platform for rehab owners and operators to share best practices of managing behavioral health treatment programs. 
  • Partnership with to provide continuing education opportunities for behavioral healthcare professionals on clinical, operational, and financial resources.
  • Launch of the complete suite of Benji software products, including Benji Sidekick, a tool that elevates Hansei’s customer relationship management. This tool automates billing processes to improve customer relationship management for Hansei.