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Revenue Management Solutions & Powerful Business Intelligence to Drive Growth

Our people, our data and our comprehensive services make a big difference. Not only do we enable you to increase efficiencies, get paid faster and remain compliant, but we can guide you past the tipping point for growth and expansion with industry-leading business intelligence and predictive analytics solutions. We help take the guesswork out of your most critical business decisions.

Solutions Hansei

Get paid faster

We can improve your cashflow. You can do more and impact more people when you’re not bogged down with claims and collections.


Meet compliance requirements

Healthcare compliance is continually evolving, creating constant headaches for businesses. We stay up to date on all regulations, ensuring you meet all requirements.


Get real-time access to all of your analytics and reporting

We believe in full transparency. You can access your billing data 24/7/365 from our client portal.


Make critical business decisions and project revenue with the industry’s most robust datasets

We offer the next best thing to a crystal ball. Better data means you can make more informed decisions about new locations, new service lines and other patient behaviors impacting your trajectory.


Automate billing processes

We can help you save time, labor and stress ― and focus more on your practice ― by automating key claims processes.


Integrate with any EMR

We ensure your revenue management processes and system fully integrate with your EMR for maximum efficiency.

No matter your business stage, we offer a full suite of revenue management solutions to tackle challenges and seize opportunity, from third-party billing to in-house transition and maximizing performance.


$750 M

Reimbursements Obtained


1 M

Claims Processed



Insurance companies across thousands of health plans

Verification Of Benefits


Minutes Average Live VOB Turnaround **except for TX BCBS



States with Providers

Because Specialization Matters

Behavioral Health Facilities

With the industry’s most powerful datasets, we are highly attuned to the nuances of revenue cycles within the behavioral and mental health spaces. From addiction and substance use facilities to therapy, psychiatry and autism spectrum disorder practices, we support organizations critical to society’s wellbeing, enabling them to make smarter business decisions and serve more people.
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specialization 2
Ambulatory Surgery Centers

We help ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) focus on elevating care, rather than a maze of reimbursements and compliance. We assist ophthalmology, pain management, orthopedics, GI, plastic and urology practices, among other non-hospital providers. Alongside our specialized coding partners, we offer surgery centers full-service revenue management solutions.
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Our Difference

We aren’t your typical revenue management provider. We’re partners for growth, offering industry-leading business intelligence to help you make smarter, data-informed decisions. We value transparency and proactive communication — two crucial characteristics of a lasting, valued partnership.

At Hansei, we tackle our clients’ most pressing issues with ease. For instance, we go above and beyond to provide support with:

  • Completely transparent billing and real-time access to data 24/7
  • Strategically building your business with geography-based insights
  • Assessing whether to pursue in-network contracts or add more service lines
  • Navigating complex regulatory environments, including evolving COVID protocols
  • Escalating denied and underpaid claims with our own law firm (you don’t pay the legal fees)
  • Guiding routine, pre-payment review (PPR) and provider network integrity (PNI) audits
  • Engaging corrective actions to restore payer relationships
  • Implementing telehealth solutions
  • Creating benchmarks and comparing your practice to industry norms

We can address your pain points and opportunities for growth, too, with specialized revenue cycle solutions.

More About Us
Differences services

Our Suite of Revenue Cycle Services

Verification of Benefits

We provide a live verification of benefits to help your team make a determination on admissions.

Our insurance eligibility verification team uses robust historical data to provide you with predicted reimbursement rates based on the insurance policy. We also extend access to an online portal so you have the information you need 24/7/365.

Committed to proactive and accurate communication, we provide preliminary verification information within 30 minutes of request and verify insurance live, within 90 minutes of the request. Further, we assist in identifying medical billing trends to assist your team with continuous growth.

Utilization Review

Our skilled specialists work with any EMR and provide tailored assessments to offer you a full-service utilization review (UR) experience. We also believe education is an essential component of a successful UR process, so we provide our clients with documentation and trainings to help them articulate each client’s episode of care.  

Proactive communication is a top priority, and we pride ourselves on keeping you informed throughout every UR step. Our team is comprised of experienced, professional initial and concurrent reviewers. We also have licensed clinicians specializing in peer reviews. 

Additionally, we assist with a range of audits and insurance company correspondence. We are committed to staying up to date with each insurance company’s criteria, and we educate the team on medical necessity criteria. Before signing an agreement, our UR team will conduct an audit of your current documentation to identify areas of improvement.


Our AR  team helps you capture outstanding revenue from your predecessor RCM department. We analyze all of your previously billed charges and outstanding claims to identify opportunities for uncaptured revenue . If needed, we have our own law firm to escalate denied and underpaid claims ―you don’t pay the legal fees.

Too often, we see companies leave substantial amounts of money on the table due to inefficient processes, lack of knowledge or lack of follow-up. Our professionals help you collect the money you deserve ― no matter who bills the claims ― starting with monthly aging reports with easy-to-understand language and all of the follow-up that has been conducted on outstanding claims. Our team assesses each claim individually and assigns an action item that is carried out within 48 hours. Our optimized, standardized process generates the best results and highest adjudication rates.


Transparency is core to our mission and values, and we provide you with full, 24/7, real-time access to the data we collect on your behalf through our client portal. You will receive a billed charges report each week that allows you to see what was billed, and we’re available to answer any questions you may have.

Each month, you will receive a comprehensive aged receivables report identifying which claims have been paid and which action items have been completed on outstanding claims. This information helps you see and understand how we impact your business.