The Employees Have Spoken Hansei – A Great Place to Work

An accolade that recognizes Hansei’s workplace culture and employee experience surpassing the national average.

Sometimes a company name is just that, but with Hansei, it perfectly summarizes the company’s mission, and now, we have the data to back it up.

Each year, Great Place to Work surveys the Hansei staff, and we couldn’t be more proud to share the results for the 2023-2024 year. The respected award is based entirely on current employees’ experience working at Hansei. This year, 94% of Hansei’s workforce has rated it an outstanding workplace, outshining the 57% average of companies nationwide.

“To be Hansei is to reflect on the past and do better in the future. For Hansei to live out its vision and consistently provide exceptional services to our partners, we must excel as an employer. This Certification enables us to continue our collective growth in cultivating a culture built on trust, fostering diversity of thought, and nurturing leadership across all levels of our organization.”

 – Gayle Hanson, Chief People Officer at Hansei Solutions.

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Who we are outside of work makes us who we are within the office

We’ve all been part of a company or team that expects you to “get the job done” without the support, but at Hansei, we want our employees to enjoy and take pride in showing up and putting in the work, which is why we encourage a healthy balance of career and personal.

Even prior to Hansei’s inception, founder Erin Burke experienced the genuine value of learning, growing, and winning together, so when you read that we actively encourage our entire team to approach leadership with ‘what if we try this?’ ideas, it’s not just a nice sentiment for our website, it’s intentionally woven into our company culture.

Hansei Employees Biking Hansei employees at Musicians Hall of Fame Museum Hansei employees Singing Hansei employees eating dinner Hansei employees dressed up for Christmas

With an innovative team of trailblazers, 86% of which are female, we prioritize compassion, patience, and dedication, which has allowed Hansei to offer consistent growth in job opportunities, the number of clients serviced, and robust technological expansion, to name a few.

By centering its core values of advocacy and integrity within Hansei’s mission, our organization recognizes that our employees are instrumental in translating the vision into reality. As a result, this dynamic improves accessibility to treatment for individuals and families facing addiction and mental health challenges. 

100% of employees at Hansei Solutions say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.


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