Medical Credentialing With Hansei Solutions

Hansei Solutions offers medical credentialing to help addiction and mental health treatment providers verify their physician’s qualifications, expand their in-network insurance contracts, and boost their patient’s confidence in their practice and services.

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Medical Credentialing With Hansei Solutions
Streamlining Provider Credentialing

How Hansei Is Streamlining Provider Credentialing

Hansei Solutions recognized the importance and need for provider credentialing, especially in today’s ever-changing medical marketplace. Without this essential service, behavioral healthcare practices can find it extremely hard to work with insurance companies, healthcare organizations, and their software solutions.

Hansei Solutions helps verify your physician’s and practice’s qualifications, taking care of the entire credentialing process, from initial provider enrolment, through the credentialing and application phase, to eventual re-credentialing and renegotiations. For many behavioral healthcare facilities, credentialing can be time-consuming and take away valuable patient-care time. Our credentialing services streamline the entire process and allow you or your network of practitioners to concentrate on providing quality care.

Our credentialing services include


Benefits of Medical Credentialing For Providers & Patients


Medical Credentialing In Today’s Medical Marketplace

In today’s medical marketplace, behavioral healthcare providers and practices cannot ignore the importance of medical credentialing and expect to grow or thrive in one of the largest industries. But that’s why Hansei’s goal is to provide behavioral health billing solutions and inform and help practices grow and increase their overall revenue. The health of your business is our business.

Whether you run a mental health center, addiction treatment facility, or private practice, ambulatory surgery center, or any other healthcare facility, it’s crucial to accommodate patients’ insurance coverage. Medical credentialing can sometimes feel like a burdensome distraction from providing quality care to patients. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, which is why we have dedicated teams that keep you updated on the entire process.

Here’s what makes medical credentialing so important in today’s medical marketplace.

Patients Want To Use Insurance:

In the past, medical credentialing was considered optional for building a behavioral healthcare practice, but today it is essential for providers to be affiliated with insurance networks. With more people having health insurance than ever and insurance plans offering broader coverage, patients prioritize in-network providers. The requirement to cover previously excluded pre-existing conditions and the emphasis on mental health parity are notable changes. While out-of-network benefits have become scarce, Hansei Solutions understands the evolving landscape of medical credentialing and can help addiction and mental health treatment providers navigate the process, ensuring their ability to serve patients and thrive in the current healthcare market.

Insurance Plans Are Covering More Services

Medical credentialing is increasingly valuable as insurance plans expand coverage for a wide range of treatments, including mental health and behavioral health services, while also reducing restrictions on pre-existing conditions and offering supplemental services. However, the rising cost of health insurance in the United States means that patients heavily invest in their plans and expect to utilize them for various healthcare services.

Insurance Panels Getting Full & Closing

If a provider is not on an insurance panel, they won’t be able to be reimbursed by the insurance company for services provided to patients with their coverage. The increasing number of healthcare professionals applying to join insurance networks has led to a growing issue of networks reaching full capacity or closing. Consequently, the process of medical credentialing is becoming increasingly difficult. Hansei will strengthen your practices’ position and highlight your expertise can greatly enhance your chances of being accepted into these closed panels.

Hansei’s Simple Credentialing Process

  • Onboarding: We guide you in selecting the insurance companies you wish to be affiliated with and help you gather the right documents.
  • Application: Once we have received all the necessary documents from you, we will collect all up-to-date insurance applications and complete them on your behalf.
  • Follow-Up: We follow up with the enrollment process, making sure that all applications have been received and are being processed.
  • Completion: As soon as we receive confirmation of insurance approvals, we promptly inform you and provide all relevant information from the insurance panels. You are now ready to provide services to clients and bill accordingly.
  • Eventual Recredentialing: We’ll update you on the latest requirement changes and re-credentialing periods, letting you focus on patients rather than deadlines.
Identifying & Eliminating Credentialing Challenges

Identifying & Eliminating Credentialing Challenges

We understand behavioral healthcare professionals’ challenges when obtaining credentials and are committed to identifying these problems. We recognize that one of the biggest reasons for credentialing delays is the variation in processes across different states and countries. To address this issue, we have developed a deep understanding of credentialing requirements in various states and jurisdictions, allowing us to navigate the differences efficiently and streamline the process for our clients.

Another challenge applicants face is the frequency of the credentialing process, which physicians can find challenging and disruptive. We recognize the importance of timely and efficient credentialing and work to ensure all necessary documentation is obtained and completed within the required timeframes.

With our expertise and attention to detail, Hansei Solutions is dedicated to providing a seamless and efficient credentialing experience for behavioral healthcare professionals, alleviating their challenges and allowing them to focus on delivering quality care to their patients.

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