Partner Spotlight: Mental Health Month x California Prime Recovery

How Cali Prime Nurtures Innovation with CEO Karynne Witkin

Mental Health Month is every month – 

Even so, as May springs upon us, we’re further supported with the bloom of new beginnings, giving us a chance to connect and reflect on ‘what it all means,’ from an individual lens, as well as the collective.   

On the discipline of integrity, Karynne Witkin, newly appointed CEO of California Prime Recovery [Nationally Certified Behavioral Health Centers], encourages her team to notice how they learn when things don’t go according to plan… just as important is regulating emotions when it goes “exactly as expected.”     

Partner Spotlight: Mental Health Month x California Prime Recovery

A Brief Origin: It All Starts with Family  

Partner Spotlight: Mental Health Month x California Prime Recovery

In reflecting on Mental Health Month, Karynne noted: 
“It may be easy to see how we’re serving a noble purpose, but like, how does that trickle down into everyday life?  How does it become something we can all manage in a sustainable way?”

From a world in finance to a focus on healing, Cali Prime was founded 8 years ago by Karynne’s brother, Steven, who came to the West Coast for treatment. 

6 years ago – Karynne enters the building.  Over that time, she’s found it most rewarding to connect directly with the staff.  

“Therapists were getting drained more quickly from helping everyone else.  We continue working to create a safe place to heal creatively while we grow and build multi-directionally, rather than simply by promotion or title.” 

Taking the time to understand what matters to each person and how it connects with their long-term goals is part of the discipline. 


California Prime Recovery x Hansei Solutions: Strategic

Partner Spotlight: Mental Health Month x California Prime RecoveryPartners for Growth

California Prime Recovery stands as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking transformative treatment for substance use and mental health challenges. Recently, the Hansei marketing team had the opportunity to visit the facility and meet its team.  

“My passions as a leader are to foster an environment for employees to transform and to challenge old ways of thinking. My main areas of focus are leadership development, optimization of organizational health, and helping employees feel fulfilled in their everyday work life. That said, I host free monthly group coaching sessions for the industry to help support leadership development within the behavioral health space. It’s called ‘The Leadership Table.’ “    

During our visit, we witnessed firsthand what sets Cali Prime apart. Their unwavering dedication to maintaining low patient-to-staff ratios ensures everyone receives personalized care. The atmosphere and the individuals there embody genuine commitment to meaningful work. This commitment may stem from being a family-owned and operated facility that emphasizes growth and healing among its staff, ultimately enhancing the patient experience. 


How Karynne Witkin & Cali Prime Recovery Nurtures Innovation  

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cali prime facility



cali prime facility

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“We accept and prepare for what we know – we are in a fast-paced world that is always changing. While setting clear goals is a focus, psychological safety is equally critical.” 

Karynne, currently pursuing her graduate degree in Organizational Psychology, places a high value on Psychological Safety, considering it a foundational principle alongside the quest to balance Nurture and Innovation. Acknowledging humanity’s inherent inclination for change, she emphasizes the importance of adaptation and evolution. Karynne recognizes the necessity of monitoring progress, devising frameworks and systems to navigate uncertainty, while remaining mindful of the possibility of error and the perpetual challenge of accounting for the unaccountable.

To be ‘Hansei’ means to reflect on the past, learn from your mistakes, and do better in the future. With Cali Prime’s aligned mindset and values, we are able to move forward together, impacting the direct staff and patients at our organizations and the behavioral healthcare industry as a whole. 


Mental Health Month | Here to Heal

Having a flexible mindset is very much part of evolving.
If I could offer a bit of encouragement here (not advice),
have a sincere buy-in while trusting your discipline to evaluate. 
Also, have integrity in your discernment.

Lastly, we must have permission to really learn and grow
as things inevitably don’t go ‘according to plan.’ “ 


Around the world, the month of May is recognized as Mental Health Month – offering an opportunity for everyone to reflect on mental well-being and raise awareness on the topic. This annual observance highlights the importance of mental health care and encourages support for anyone dealing with mental health conditions. Hansei is committed to advocating for mental health across professional and personal domains – making mental health awareness a priority worldwide.  

Thank you Cali Prime team for all the hard work, and heart work, you put into your work everyday! Because of you, more individuals and families can find healing.

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