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Erin Burke

Erin Burke
After receiving her degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University in 2009,Erin Burke gravitated toward the behavioral health sector. She recognized numerous inefficiencies inhow behavioral health companies operated their businesses, and implemented data-driven processes toimprove longevity, cash flow, and marketability. Erin went on to create Hansei Solutions, a revenue cyclemanagement company that specializes in behavioral health. She is currently the CEO of Hansei, and sitson the board of directors for two major hospitals in the Austin area. She is also a member of YoungPresidents Organization (YPO), Institute Industrial & Systems Engineers (IISE), and Addiction Treatmentand Advocacy Coalition (ATAC). If you were to ask Erin how she has achieved her success, she wouldrespond with humility, gratitude, and a healthy dose of hunger for more.
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What Our Clients Say

One of the most valuable pieces of working with Hansei Solutions was the work placed into educating our clinical team.

Detox Center, Los Angeles CEO

They not only provide the consultation and direction to be able to manage services oftentimes outsourced, but they also empower the organization to manage each task independently.

Mental Health Treatment Center, Los Angeles Clinical Director

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