2023 Case Study: Addiction Treatment Center in Nashville, TN

According to the latest study, addiction affects nearly 30 million Americans yearly. It also affects the rest of the population, impacting family members, friends, and spouses, and costs the economy close to $249 billion for alcohol abuse and $139 billion for drug abuse. When Hansei Solutions was introduced to a Nashville-based addiction treatment center in 2022, we saw the opportunity to help them improve their revenue cycle management and subsequently streamline their process and improve patient care.

This case study goes into detail about the treatment center, why addiction treatment is important to Hansei Solutions, and how we were able to improve their revenue cycle flow by 97% in less than two years.

About The Addiction Treatment Center

This Nashville-based addiction treatment center provides medical detox, inpatient, partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOP), and sober living to more than 200 individuals at a time. They also offer various therapy methods, including individual, group, and trauma therapy, as well as case management and aftercare programs.

Established in 2012 in their founder’s mother’s home, the treatment center now has 33 unique properties that offer the highest levels of care to those struggling with substance use disorders and mental health conditions.

Why Addiction Treatment Is Important To Hansei

At Hansei Solutions, we don’t take our partnerships with addiction treatment centers lightly. We advocate for our facilities to get paid for their important work, and we’ve watched this treatment center grow and continue to provide quality behavioral healthcare for Tennesseans since its founding. We also value our partner’s clients, advocating for them to get the treatment they need and working with case managers and payers to establish a strong case for the medical necessity of addiction and mental health treatment.

We also push for the fair treatment of individuals seeking help for substance abuse or mental health disorders, challenging stigma, treatment inequalities, and uncooperative insurance companies. With our industry-leading business intelligence and top-tier customer support, we wanted to help this treatment center reach its goals and expand its services, growth, and patient care outcomes.

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Why We Partnered With The Center

When we partnered with the addiction treatment center, they had some clear and important expectations in mind. They wanted access to scalable systems to monitor their growth and continue to meet their patient needs along the way. They also wanted access to reporting and analytic features to track their revenue, client outcomes, and areas for improvement. Hansei was also able to become a revenue cycle management partner they could trust with prior experience in the RCM and behavioral health space, dedicated to helping them grow and be able to offer more treatment to more substance abuse and mental health clients.

Less Than 2 Years With Hansei Solutions

In less than two years, Hansei Solutions was able to achieve great results for the treatment center, including:

  • A 97% increase in revenue compared to before our partnership (2021) and after (2022).
  • A 37% increase in the number of patients admitted to treatment, with more than $2,000 extra collected for every admission (including AMA’s).
  • An increase in 12 extra days per client admission. With more time for treatment, individuals have a greater chance of establishing a strong recovery system.
  • An additional 7.6 days of residential treatment, one day for detox, and two days of PHP and IOP.
  • A stabilized ten-day average time for the process to pay.

Our partnership isn’t over. Hansei Solutions believes in dedication, continuous innovation, and responsiveness to form strong, efficient bonds and business partnerships. We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re in it for the long term.

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