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Benji, A Hansei Company

The Trailblazing Enterprise Solution for Behavioral Health

Benji is a single-system, enterprise software solution that uses automation and advanced learning to drive compliant workflows for clinical care, documentation, and revenue cycles.

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Who We Are –
From Hansei to Benji

First came Hansei, our parent company specializing in behavioral health revenue cycle management for nearly a decade. By collaborating with providers, we identified a demand for a user-friendly platform to streamline workflows and simplify documentation processes. This need was the driving force behind the creation of Benji, our comprehensive technology solution.

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Setting the Standard for Better Solutions

It’s not just technology – it’s human connection

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Data-Driven Business Decisions

Benji excels with a decade of expertise in behavioral health revenue cycle management rooted in unique historical data.

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Billing-Centric Technology

Benji’s forms remove the complexities of insurance processes and are finely tuned to cater to payors’ preferences. 


Compliance Driven System

Benji aligns with state and national guidelines, ensuring practices stay compliant and optimize reimbursements.

Hansei’s Innovation + Benji’s Technology

Hansei’s matchless customer service, paired with Benji’s trailblazing artificial intelligence, provides behavioral healthcare companies a top-notch product along with a seamless experience. Benji was created by experts in behavioral health who recognized the challenges their field faced in managing patient data entry and analytics. Developed to simplify electronic medical records documentation processes, Benji streamlines data organization and management, allowing healthcare professionals to concentrate on their top priority: the patients.

With Benji’s user-friendly and clear design, on-site staff can effortlessly monitor patient progress and treatment history, resulting in enhanced treatment plans and client care. Benji grants upper management insights beyond typical clinical data, enabling them to pinpoint areas of concern and gauge overall patient satisfaction. 

Who We Support 

Benji is committed to helping both providers and payors identify areas that can be improved through our automated solutions. Emphasizing compliance and a billing-centric focus, we streamline the connection between provider, payor, and patient.



Providers offer a variety of complex services. To ensure precise billing and payment, it’s essential to accurately record these in compliance with various legal and regulatory standards. Benji’s automated enterprise solution seamlessly manages this, enabling providers to concentrate on patient care rather than financial transactions.



Payors require precise, compliant data to facilitate the reimbursement of services invoiced by providers. Benji’s AI-powered, automated enterprise solution offers more than just clinical information; it oversees data and processes to guarantee accurate and compliant reimbursements.

Your Sidekick to Playing by The Rules

Our automated, AI-driven software solution allows you to focus on human connections and delivering optimal care to patients while maximizing revenue, compliance, and efficiency.

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