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Introducing Benji - A Hansei Company

The only EMR & CRM to automate solutions for your problems

Benji is an enterprise, all-in-one EMR & CRM platform designed for healthcare organizations, harnessing automation to deliver smart workflows for compliant clinical care, thorough documentation, and seamless revenue cycle management.

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Documentation Rules Engine

Benji is an AI-powered EMR & CRM solution that uses automation and AI to drive intelligent workflows for compliant clinical care, documentation, and payor & compliance-driven data. 

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Billing-Centric Technology

Benji is designed to help healthcare providers navigate the complex world of medical billing. The system’s billing-centric rules for documentation ensure that all relevant information is captured accurately and efficiently, reducing the risk of errors and missed opportunities for reimbursement.


Payor & Compliance Driven System

Beyond the standard clinical data, Benji’s EMR system provides an in-depth view of patient and payer data, allowing healthcare providers to make informed decisions based on comprehensive patient insights.

Hansei’s Innovation + Benji’s Technology

Hansei’s matchless customer service, paired with Benji’s trailblazing artificial intelligence, provides behavioral healthcare companies a top-notch product along with a seamless experience. Benji was created by experts in behavioral health who recognized the challenges their field faced in managing patient data entry and analytics. Developed to simplify customer relationship management, Benji streamlines data organization and management, allowing healthcare professionals to concentrate on their top priority: the patients. Distinct from other EMR and CRM systems, Benji was purposefully designed to support team members at all levels, from administrators to clinical staff, enhancing and addressing every aspect of patient care.

With Benji’s user-friendly and clear design, on-site staff can effortlessly monitor patient progress and treatment history, resulting in enhanced treatment plans and client care. Benji grants upper management insights beyond typical clinical data, enabling them to pinpoint areas of concern and gauge overall patient satisfaction. 

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At Benji, our mission is to revolutionize healthcare by harnessing the power of innovative technology solutions, paired with personalized customer service. We specialize in CRM and EMR systems that empower healthcare providers to deliver unparalleled patient care, optimize workflows, and drive growth to their business and bottom line. 

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We envision a world where healthcare providers are empowered with cutting-edge tools that enable them to provide personalized and efficient patient care. Through our commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration, we aim to make healthcare documentation more automated, and more human. 

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