BHASe Summit 2024

Mental illness is common in the United States – with an estimated 57.8 million adults affected by them, amounting to approximately one in five adults according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Less than half of these adults sought treatment for their mental illness, but more resources are becoming available to help provide treatment and strategies that help individuals overcome their struggles.

But who is helping these behavioral health facilities? And how are they helping them? Those are questions that often get overlooked in the industry. It is almost impossible for these facilities to juggle all of their day-to-day operations on their own – from providing the highest level of patient care to billing insurance, there is a need for support with the behind-the-scenes operations.

The BHASe Summit was designed to bring together corporate and strategic leaders of behavioral health centers and offer a networking opportunity with private equity sources, family offices, banks, brokers, lenders, and transactional vendors. The BHASe Summit creates a space where behavioral health centers can build a village for support, so that these providers can do what they love the most – care for their patients.

BHASe Summit 2024 – Choose Wisely: How to Determine Your Payor Strategy & Negotiate Rates

The three-day BHASe Summit took place March 18-20, at Trump National Doral Miami, providing an all-inclusive retreat with a relaxed, informal atmosphere to cultivate personal and professional relationships that are built to thrive. Hansei CEO Erin Burke participated on Tuesday’s panel discussion about how to determine payor strategy and negotiate rates.

The panel was moderated by Ben Seymour, a Partner of Southworth Associates and RevWerx Billing. Alongside Erin, panel participants included:

  • Dr. Kyle Van Duser, CEO of Pacific Analytics
  • Nayab Mahmood, Director of Marwood Group
  • Brian Stoesz, CEO of Aspen BHC

Dr. Kyle Van Duser

When it comes to commercial reimbursements, Erin highlighted the transformative potential of technology. She emphasized the integration of fragmented data as a cornerstone for improving healthcare outcomes. By evaluating comprehensive datasets, including patient Electronic Health Records (EHR) and claim data, healthcare providers can gain a more accurate picture of patient outcomes. 

Erin pointed out the efficiency gains from employing predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to streamline and automate repetitive tasks within the reimbursement process. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures consistency in care. She underscored the importance of leveraging this data to establish accountability among providers and payors, ensuring that the standard of care and financial aspects of reimbursements remain consistent and fair. 

BHASe Summit 2024

Benji – Enterprise, All-in-One EMR & CRM

The BHASe Summit 2024 was Hansei’s first time participating in the conference – but the company’s goal was to make connections with industry leaders and be involved in thought leadership initiatives. This was also an opportunity for Hansei to discuss how it’s initiatives, like Benji, can help behavioral healthcare providers.

Benji is an all-inclusive practice management tool, but with a human connection. Powered by AI, Benji is an EMR and CRM solution that uses automation and AI to drive intelligent workflows for compliant clinical care, documentation, and payor and compliance-driven data. It is designed to help healthcare providers navigate the complexities of medical billing, ensuring compliance, accuracy, and efficiency – reducing errors and missed opportunities for reimbursement. Benji also goes beyond the standard clinical data, the system provides an in-depth view of patient and payer data, which allows providers to make informed decisions based on patient insights.

Hansei Innovation + Benji Technology

Together, Hansei and Benji are providing behavioral healthcare companies with a top-notch solution that brings together Hansei’s outstanding customer service and Benji’s trailblazing artificial intelligence. Benji streamlines data organization and management, which allows healthcare professionals to concentrate on their patients while the program supports administrators, clinical staff, and beyond.

BHASe Summit 2024

Simplifying Behavioral Health Billing with Hansei

Like the meaning of its name, Hansei is reflecting on the past, learning from mistakes, and working toward a better future – there is no where to go but forward. Hansei’s release of Benji marks the company’s mission to move forward and leverage everything that technology has to offer, especially with all the advancements in AI-technology. 

Hansei’s behavioral health billing offers facilities cutting-edge technology with a personalized approach, providing support where they need it most (behind-the-scenes) so that they can focus their time and energy on their patients. While Hansei supports the administration and staff, the staff can continue to do what they love: serving the patients that seek their assistance.

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