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The Consequences of Inaccurate Billing and Coding in the Healthcare Industry

The accuracy of medical billing and coding is crucial to the smooth operation of healthcare facilities, patient treatment well-being, and overall financial stability in healthcare administration.

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RCM Trends in Behavioral Health: A Glimpse into the Future

As telehealth services become more widespread, behavioral health institutions are changing in terms of their geographic reach. The specifics of revenue cycle management (RCM) have grown increasingly complex with the addition of different payer types to the revenue stream. 

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Understanding The Mental Health Crisis In America: Hansei’s Mission

The relevance and influence of mental health on American society are multifaceted. In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in the need to address mental health difficulties, as evidenced by the shocking statistics that show the severity of the situation. 

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How Upcoding & Unbundling Affects Your Practice & Patients

Upcoding is a serious and fraudulent practice that can cost healthcare providers their licenses, practices, and relationships with patients, payers, and communities. While upcoding isn't something done by respectable medical providers, it's still prevalent in the healthcare marketplace and deserves some spotlight.

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Outstanding Accounts Receivable In Healthcare: Challenges & Improvements

Effectively managing and decreasing outstanding accounts receivable in your healthcare practice might seem challenging, especially without prior experience or a dedicated revenue cycle team. Many healthcare practices focus on patient care daily, and keeping track of services for reimbursement can become an oversight until it overwhelms your office.

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