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Family Supporting Family 

Family is the backbone of every story, and our origins, whether good or bad, define us all. 

Experiencing firsthand the impact of addiction on an addict and their loved ones, the founders of Buckeye Recovery Network (BRN) have a compelling story. One brother fought heroin addiction for decades, while the other experienced the ripple effects of the disease, while learning to offer support and love without enabling his once-estranged sibling. This mutual journey provided them with profound insight into the crucial role of fostering a supportive family atmosphere in the path of recovery. 

Fast-forward to today, the BRN culture embodies the ethos of family in its daily interactions with clients and their families. The culture prioritizes open communication, fosters community accountability, and facilitates meaningful experiences to establish strong and enduring connections.

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This commitment extends beyond their clientele to include their clients’ families. Weekly opportunities are offered for families to receive progress updates and have their questions addressed while their loved ones undergo treatment.

Buckeye Recovery Network x Hansei Solutions  

Buckeye Recovery Network has been a Hansei partner for several years, and we have had the pleasure of tackling their billing processes – from accounts receivable to negotiating contracts with payors. This allows BRN to make treatment more accessible and affordable to individuals and families nationwide.

Hansei doesn’t take partnership lightly – we use our industry-leading business intelligence and combine it with unparalleled customer support to help BRN achieve their vision of giving individuals freedom from active addiction through tools that they can carry with them during recovery. Hansei works closely to help them achieve this vision by handling all the billing processes that would normally take up their extra time – time that they can pay forward to their clients.

Hansei’s marketing team had a chance to spend the week at BRN recently, and we immediately felt welcomed by their staff, clients, and even their (many) dogs!  

Of course, we were there to talk about all things business, but we also had a little (or maybe too much…) fun. 


Dedicated to the possibility of human transformation 

Buckeye Recovery Network is an ecosystem of recovery located in the heart of Huntington Beach, CA, offering both mental health and addiction treatment services. Their family of experienced professionals utilizes a wide-ranging assortment of therapeutic practices and experiential modalities to provide program participants with the genuine and compassionate environment crucial to achieving sustainable recovery.

“I spent almost 7 months at Buckeye following a mental health crisis and I had a profound experience. From the staff to the programming, I felt well taken care of for the duration of my treatment. I was able to get the help I deserved in so many forms including: Individual therapy, group therapy, sound healing, breath works, EMDR trauma therapy and much more. The tools I learned at Buckeye truly changed my life. Thank you to the whole team for all your kindness and dedication to your clients, you made me believe that I could overcome my mental illness and I feel like I have.”
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