Jacy Bruck

Business Development & Operations

Jacy Bruck has a wealth of experience in sales, operations, and aftercare within the behavioral health and ambulatory surgery industry. With her deep passion for this space and natural ability to build strong relationships, Jacy is an invaluable asset to our team, leading our onboarding expansion efforts.
With over ten years of experience in healthcare, Jacy has honed her expertise in aftercare support, operations, and sales. She embarked on her journey in the behavioral health field at a young age and made significant contributions by establishing an aftercare program from the ground up for one of the largest behavioral health treatment centers. Her innovative approach and commitment to excellence have consistently driven positive outcomes.
Jacy’s professional background extends beyond behavioral health, encompassing sales, events, operations, and business development with major healthcare providers. Furthermore, she has gained valuable experience in brand management within the entertainment industry. Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee, Jacy has cultivated a robust network and nurtured relationships that have proven to be instrumental in her personal and professional growth.
Outside the healthcare industry, Jacy is a talented singer-songwriter gearing up to release her EP in the coming spring. In the meantime, she invites you to follow her on Spotify under “Jacy Zay” and check out her latest single, “No Name Superstar.” When she’s not making music or captivating audiences on stage, Jacy loves baking the latest coconut-based desserts while grooving to the infectious beats of “Give It Up” by KC & The Sunshine Band.
With her extensive background, passion for behavioral health, and diverse skill set, Jacy Bruck continues to make a lasting impact on business development, operations, and the overall advancement of Hansei and its clients. Check out her LinkedIn to find out more.