Celebrating 7 Years: Leadership From A Female Founders Perspective

2023 marks a significant milestone as Hansei Solutions celebrates its seventh anniversary since its inception and founding by our CEO, Erin Burke. To understand why Hansei was founded and how a female founder has changed the medical billing industry, we’ve interviewed Erin and compiled a brief history of Hansei and what’s been accomplished so far.

Erin Burke & The Beginning Of Hansei Solutions

“I never set out to build a billing company.”

Erin Burke didn’t think she would be in the medical billing industry. She went to school for industrial and systems engineering, earning a bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University. Once she graduated, she worked for the Ohio State Medical Center, absorbing insight into the insurance industry like a sponge. In 2012-2013, when newly established mental health parity laws opened the marketplace, Erin had the intuition to follow the large and growing wave, leading to Hansei’s inception in 2016.

Why A Medical Billing Company?

Medical billing companies are a vital part of the healthcare industry. Without them, medical practices can lose track of if a patient paid them, if they’ve submitted a claim to insurance, if the insurance denied a claim, the list goes on and on. Healthcare providers want to go back to focusing on patient care, and Hansei Solutions was created to help them.

Erin understood that the medical field was changing and would become more complicated as new treatment approaches were found, new medications were created, and new healthcare discoveries were made. As new trends emerged, Hansei Solutions was able to keep up with the challenges that almost every behavioral health and ambulatory surgical center faced.

Leadership From A Female Founder’s Perspectivecelebrating female leadership

Like every startup or new business, there’s fear about the future, meeting client needs, and keeping up with competitors. But Erin Burke didn’t overthink what Hansei Solutions would become.

“I just kept showing up every day, for myself, for our employees, and for our customers.”

She recognizes we are often too rooted in our past experiences, whether it’s failed ideas, missed opportunities, or underlying regrets. Though we can’t change the past, we always have the ability to decide how we’re impacted by it and what we’re going to do next. This is also where Hansei Solutions gets its name. “Hansei” is a central idea for many cultures that means “to reflect on the past, learn from mistakes, and work toward a better future.”

“Ideas work or don’t work. Give everything a shot.”

Even though Erin didn’t plan to build a company like this, she still acted on an idea and wasn’t afraid to fail. She also knew how to set a women-owned business like Hansei apart from everyone else, which brings us to the milkshake analogy.

The Milkshake Analogy

If a customer goes to a restaurant and wants a milkshake, but it’s not on the menu, chances are the customer walks out with an unmet need. But, in reality, the restaurant had all the ingredients; it just wasn’t on the menu. Erin learned this concept from an old mentor, implementing it as one of Hansei’s core beliefs. If you have the tools to create something a client wants, it’s time to adapt. The mentality to identify needs and use your existing resources has proved invaluable in Hansei’s continued quest for innovation.

We built our own proprietary software that analyzes historical data, from billed claims to payment trends, denial patterns, and beyond. This has helped streamline the medical billing process, providing more time to create and implement new ideas that can be actualized more consistently.

Hansei is excited to trailblaze beyond 2023 with the release of Benji, a new and innovative EHR platform that sets us apart from the overall advancement of the healthcare industry.

What Drives Erin Burke?

Like most people, Erin says she’s competitive, but it’s the desire to try new ideas that drive her. She is proud of what Hansei has become over the last seven years and loves the collaborative team culture where people truly feel encouraged to share ideas and innovations.

“In retrospect, I suppose I’ve always been a leader, though part of me still feels uncomfortable with the thought. I’ve always been able to visualize a bigger picture, and I’ve always known it takes people to believe and build it with you, but really, as I said, I just kept showing up, and my desire to bring people along on this journey made each next step feel possible.“

Erin is a true advocate for awareness and societal change. She’s an active committee member for the Addiction Treatment Advocacy Coalition and serves on the Board of Directors for the Didi Hirsch Foundation. She also keeps ties to her original education path as she’s actively involved with the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers and the Young Presidents Organization.

celebrating female leadership

7 Years Of Accomplishments

Through Hansei Solutions’ commitment to innovation and change, we’ve grown and come a long way since 2016.

  • In June 2017, our billing and revenue management services expanded beyond addiction treatment centers, moving into the ever-growing mental health and psychiatry space.
  • In 2018, we acquired enough data to be used as a key asset and expanded services to private practices.
  • In 2019, Hansei released its first business intelligence platform and became heavily active in enforcing mental health parity laws nationwide.
  • In 2020, we expanded our services to specialty surgical centers and facilities specializing in ASD, acquired First Commercial Billing, and added new team members across 14 states.
  • In 2021, Hansei partnered with Gulf Capitol to gain new affiliations, expand resources, and improve solutions for customers. 2021 also saw the opening of a new office in Nashville, the release of Automated Accruals and Net AR Valuation tools, and a push to advocate for equity treatment in mental health and substance abuse.
  • 2023 marks the release of Benji, and Hansei is on pace to help over 20,000 patients receive access to medical treatment, increasing by an average of 20% each year.

The Future Of Hansei Solutions

Hansei Solutions envisions a future where all medical practices, including mental health and addiction centers, experience continuous growth and success. Erin’s company has grown thanks to its proactive role in staying ahead of clients, keeping up with ever-changing insurance policies, and implementing new solutions to tackle new challenge. As we move forward, we are committed to advocating for our facilities and their clients, ensuring they receive the support and treatment they need. Contact us today to learn more about our core values, all-star team, and what we can offer your medical practice.

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