Understanding The Mental Health Crisis In America: Hansei’s Mission

The relevance and influence of mental health on American society are multifaceted. In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in the need to address mental health difficulties, as evidenced by the shocking statistics that show the severity of the situation. 

The mental health crisis that the United States is currently experiencing is unprecedented in scope. The major data points below highlight the seriousness of the problem and demonstrate the overwhelming scope of the task. 

Youth Mental Health Crisis 

The Mental Health Association states that the fact that “48% of youth depression screeners reported frequent suicidal ideation, and suicidal ideation rates are highest among youth, especially LGBTQ+ youth of color,” and that “38% of screeners seeking help for mental health concerns in the United States last year were under the age of 18” further emphasizes the need for stricter laws. 

The deterioration in young people’s mental health is especially apparent. Based on annual data from the National Institute of Mental Health, one in six American youth between the ages of six and seventeen experiences a mental health issue. The least severe of these conditions include depression and anxiety, while the most severe are schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. 

Adults Are Also Affected 

It’s not just a problem for the younger generation. In the US, adults are also dealing with mental health problems. Over 20% of American people reported having a mental illness in the year prior, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. 

Even while mental health problems are common, a significant stigma still exists, which prevents many people from seeking treatment. This stigma often makes mental health conditions worse and prevents healing. 

hanseis promise to mental health

Hansei’s Commitment to Promoting Improved Mental Health in the U.S 

Hansei’s goal is to help combat the mental health epidemic in America by arming the facilities fighting on the frontlines. By providing billing services to these mental health facilities, Hansei is helping to ensure they receive reimbursement for their services, which allow them to continue serving the population.


According to a White House release on mental health issues, not many Americans have access to or can afford the care they need, even though ensuring more widespread access to mental health care has been a bipartisan goal for almost 15 years. “Of the 21% of adults who had any mental illness in 2020,” according to the study, “less than half received mental health care; fewer than one in ten with a substance use disorder received treatment.” 

A Youth-Oriented Approach 

Hansei understands the importance of America’s children’s future to the nation. A young person’s life can significantly change with early intervention and support. Hansei’s billing solutions make it possible for mental health facilities to continue providing exceptional care to the nation’s youth.

Breaking Down Stigmas 

Eliminating stigmas associated with mental illness is one of the main objectives of mental health facilities. They steadfastly maintain that everyone has the right to receive medical care without worrying about prejudice or condemnation. These stigmas must be removed to create a culture of understanding and acceptance of mental health issues. While facilities focus on overcoming these stigmas, Hansei takes care of the billing to ensure that reimbursements are achieved timely.

Importance of Early Assistance 

It is impossible to overestimate the significance of early intervention in the treatment of mental health conditions. People have a better chance of healing and resiliency the sooner they obtain support. Hansei actively advocates for early intervention, such as: 

Programs for Education 

To give young people the knowledge and abilities they need to identify and take care of their mental health, Hansei actively supports educational initiatives. These courses include resources for getting treatment as well as instruction on how to spot the warning signs of mental illness. 

Accessible and Reasonably Priced Healthcare 

Providing excellent mental health care at a reasonable cost is Hansei’s mission. Accessible and reasonably priced mental health care must be made available to those in need since early intervention can stop issues from getting worse. While Hansei takes care of mental health facilities’ billing and reimbursements, it makes it easier for the facility to keep their pricing consistent and billable to insurance companies.

Supporting Policy Change 

Laws and regulations need to change to have a lasting effect. Hansei has been an outspoken advocate for reform in the following domains: 

Mental Health Act Parity 

Hansei is in favor of legislation like the Mental Health Parity Act, which makes sure that mental and physical health are given equal priority. The purpose of this act is to close gaps in mental health care and coverage. 

Increased Financing For Services Related To Mental Health 

One of the biggest obstacles to ending the mental health epidemic is a lack of proper funding. Given that money is crucial in the fight against mental illness, Hansei supports more funding for mental health services, research, and education. 

engaging the community

Engaging the Community: The Influence of Collective Support 

Change starts locally, with the communities themselves, which is why Hansei supports facilities whose goals are to engage communities, highlighting the need for community support:  

Workshops and Community Events 

Hansei supports the use of tools, eliminating stigma, and promoting mental health awareness through workshops and other events. These gatherings support the creation of safe spaces where people can speak candidly about their mental health and promote open communication. 

Safe Places and Supportive Networks 

In communities, facilities that work with Hansei aim to establish safe spaces where individuals can interact, share their stories, and support one another. These networks are essential for those coping with mental health issues because they give them a sense of understanding and belonging. 

The Urgent Need for Response

In America, millions of people are impacted by the serious problem of mental health. The imperative to confront this calamity is the foundation of organizations such as Hansei. Through putting children first, dismantling stigmas, advocating for legislative change, and involving communities, organizations like Hansei are helping facilities put more emphasis on the care they provide by taking the billing and reimbursement obstacles off the table.

It is therefore imperative for Americans to grasp the value of mental health, get therapy when needed, and assist groups focused on mental health. Together, we can build a society that prioritizes, understands, and values mental health, paving the way for a better future for all.

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