Steps to Find the Right Behavioral Health Billing Company in New York

No state is immune to the effects of mental health disorders – the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) estimates that 2,802,000 adults in New York have a mental health condition. Of the 763,000 adults who did not receive their needed mental health care, 36.1% of them did not because of the cost. With more people seeking treatment for mental health disorders, the billing departments within the facilities are required to handle higher workloads. To help with the increased billing traffic, facilities must look to behavioral health billing companies with experience in New York to ensure compliance and timely reimbursements.

Steps to Find the Right Behavioral Health Billing Company in New York

Why is Finding the Right Behavioral Health Billing Company in New York Important?

In a mental health facility, the billing department is responsible for ensuring the process of handling patient billing goes smoothly, including working with insurance and remaining compliant. To find the right behavioral health billing company in New York, it is essential to make sure that the company’s goals align with those of your facility. Once you find the right fit, you will see timely reimbursements, improved efficiency, and more time can be spent focusing on the patients instead of the paperwork.

Reasons to find a behavioral health billing company in New York include:

  • Expertise in Local Regulations: A New York billing company will be well-versed in the state’s specific regulations and requirements, ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of errors or fines.
  • Familiarity with Insurance Providers: Local billing companies often have established relationships with regional insurance providers, which can facilitate smoother and quicker reimbursement processes.
  • Personalized Service: Being in the same state allows for more personalized and potentially face-to-face interactions, fostering better communication and understanding between the facility and the billing company.
  • Understanding of Market Dynamics: A local company will have a deeper understanding of the market dynamics and trends in New York, enabling them to provide more relevant and effective billing solutions.
  • Time Zone Convenience: Operating in the same time zone can lead to more efficient communication and faster resolution of any issues that arise.
  • Supporting Local Economy: Partnering with a New York company contributes to the local economy and can build stronger community ties.
  • Quick Response Time: Proximity can lead to quicker response times in case on-site assistance or urgent intervention is required.


  • Network and Resources: Companies with extensive knowledge of New York may have a better network of resources and connections within the state, which can be beneficial for navigating complex billing scenarios.

Steps to Finding A New York Behavioral Health Billing Company to Partner With

Mental health billing is complex and it requires specialized care when handling patient information and insurance. Finding a behavioral health billing company with experience handling New York claims can provide your facility with essential support, ensure compliance, and maximize reimbursements. New York’s mental health billing regulations can be strict, requiring the right company to partner with to ensure everything runs smoothly.

To simplify the process, here are steps to finding the right behavioral health billing company to partner with in New York:

  1. Assess Your Needs: Determine your facility’s specific billing requirements, such as insurance claims processing, revenue cycle management, or patient billing.
  2. Research Companies: Use online resources, industry directories, and professional networks to compile a list of behavioral health billing companies in New York.
  3. Check Credentials: Verify the credentials, certifications, and licenses of each company to ensure compliance with New York state regulations.
  4. Evaluate Experience: Look for companies with extensive experience in behavioral health billing, particularly in New York. Consider their track record, client base, and testimonials.
  5. Review Services Offered: Assess the range of services provided by each company, including billing software compatibility, claims submission processes, and denial management strategies.
  6. Consider Technology and Security: Evaluate the billing software, data security measures, and HIPAA compliance protocols employed by each company to protect patient information.
  7. Request References: Ask for client references or case studies from previous projects to gauge the company’s reputation, reliability, and client satisfaction levels.
  8. Compare Costs: Request detailed pricing information and compare the costs of services, considering factors like setup fees, transaction charges, and ongoing maintenance costs.
  9. Arrange Consultations: Schedule consultations or meetings with shortlisted companies to discuss your facility’s needs, ask questions, and assess their communication and responsiveness.
  10. Visit Facilities (if possible): If feasible, visit the facilities of top contenders to observe their operations, meet key staff members, and get a sense of their organizational culture.
  11. Review Contracts: Carefully review the terms and conditions of service contracts, including service level agreements, termination clauses, and confidentiality agreements.
  12. Seek Legal Advice: Consult with legal counsel to review and negotiate contract terms to protect your facility’s interests and ensure compliance with state laws.
  13. Make a Decision: Based on your evaluations, select the behavioral health billing company that best aligns with your facility’s needs, budget, and long-term goals.
  14. Initiate Partnership: Finalize the partnership agreement, establish clear communication channels, and coordinate the transition process to onboard the billing company effectively.

Steps to Find the Right Behavioral Health Billing Company in New York

New York Behavioral Health Billing Made Simple with Hansei

Hansei understands the unique challenges mental health facilities face and is dedicated to managing billing complexities, allowing providers to focus on patient care. Finding the ideal behavioral health billing company in New York requires thorough research and careful evaluation. By following the outlined steps, you can identify a billing partner that aligns with your facility’s goals.

For mental health facilities seeking a reliable billing partner in New York, Hansei offers solutions to streamline the billing process, ensure compliance, and maintain transparent communication. Schedule your demo with Hansei today to learn more.

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