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Adolescent treatment and It’s Importance

Adolescence is a critical stage in the development of an individual. It is a time when physical, emotional, and mental changes take place, shaping the individual's future. During this stage, young people are exposed to various challenges, including mental health issues, substance abuse, and behavioral problems.

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Billing & Coding: A Match Made In Heaven

Medical billing and coding are two interrelated aspects of healthcare that are of major importance. The former entails submitting and monitoring claims to health insurance companies, government programs, and individuals to obtain remuneration for the services provided by healthcare practitioners.

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How Medical Billing Errors Negatively Impact Revenue

Medical billing mistakes and errors can cause substantial damage to medical practice, resulting in lost income, a tarnished reputation, and forcing patients to bear unreasonable financial burdens. To reduce the chance of errors and guarantee that they are fairly compensated for the care they provide and the care patients receive, it is essential that medical practices have precise and effective medical billing systems in place.

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Women-Lead Billing Companies

Companies that are owned and operated by women and specialize in medical billing and coding are a major part of the healthcare system. These businesses offer a valuable service to providers, helping to streamline the financial process, cut down on mistakes, and amplify profits. Moreover, women-led medical billing companies bring a new outlook to the industry and support diversity and gender equality in the workplace.

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Top 5 Takeaways From 2022 eBook

When it comes to behavioral healthcare billing, there is tons of information that constantly changes, needs to be updated, and it can feel impossible to keep up with. Our team is here to share some key takeaways of all levels of the revenue cycle process from the Hansei lens.

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