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How Upcoding & Unbundling Affects Your Practice & Patients

Upcoding is a serious and fraudulent practice that can cost healthcare providers their licenses, practices, and relationships with patients, payers, and communities. While upcoding isn't something done by respectable medical providers, it's still prevalent in the healthcare marketplace and deserves some spotlight.

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Outstanding Accounts Receivable In Healthcare: Challenges & Improvements

Effectively managing and decreasing outstanding accounts receivable in your healthcare practice might seem challenging, especially without prior experience or a dedicated revenue cycle team. Many healthcare practices focus on patient care daily, and keeping track of services for reimbursement can become an oversight until it overwhelms your office.

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Provider Contracting: Importance, Process, & 5 Negotiation Tactics

If your medical practice isn't familiar with provider contracting, this is the article for you. Some doctors and practices are cash-only, but these are rare, and most patients want to use their health insurance plan and avoid paying out-of-pocket for basic check-ups or long-term treatment plans.

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World Mental Health Day 2023 With Hansei Solutions

Hansei Solutions takes pride in our work to help addiction, mental health, and dual diagnosis treatment centers grow and reach more people needing essential healthcare services. And we always take the opportunity to highlight upcoming events and days that promote mental health education, awareness, and advocacy against social stigma.

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Partner Spotlights: Tennessee Addiction Treatment Facilities

Hansei Solutions is proud to give the spotlight to some of our partner addiction treatment facilities in Tennessee, close to our headquarters in Franklin. Some of these centers operate multiple facilities, but all are dedicated to providing affordable and caring mental health and addiction treatment services to those in need.

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