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Partner Spotlight: Mental Health Month x California Prime Recovery

How Cali Prime Nurtures Innovation with CEO Karynne Witkin

Even so, as May springs upon us, we’re further supported with the bloom of new beginnings, giving us a chance to connect and reflect on ‘what it all means,’ from an individual lens, as well as the collective.

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Miles For Mental Health x TWLOHA: Mental Health Month 2024

At Hansei, we firmly believe that prioritizing mental health creates the space for individuals to thrive, leading to greater personal success and a positive societal impact. In May, designated as Mental Health Awareness Month, we were proud to champion and engage in our company-wide challenge: Miles For Mental Health.

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Awareness and Action During Mental Health Month 2024 and Beyond

Around the world, the month of May is recognized as Mental Health Month – offering an opportunity for everyone to reflect on mental well-being and raise awareness on the topic. This annual observance highlights the importance of mental health care and encourages support for anyone dealing with mental health conditions.

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Steps to Find the Right Behavioral Health Billing Company in Colorado

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness each year in the United States – with 924,000 adults in Colorado struggling with mental health conditions each year.

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BHASe Summit 2024

Mental illness is common in the United States – with an estimated 57.8 million adults affected by them, amounting to approximately one in five adults according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Less than half of these adults sought treatment for their mental illness, but more resources are becoming available to help provide treatment and strategies that help individuals overcome their struggles.

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