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BHB & Aging Media Network Award: Erin Burke

Hansei Solutions is proud to announce that our Founder and CEO, Erin Burke, was named a 2023 Future Leader by Behavioral Health Business and Aging Media Network, Inc. We're always excited and proud to be a part of organizations that value and recognize the efforts to improve the behavioral, mental, and addiction health care space.

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2023 International Overdose Awareness Day

International overdose awareness day holds a special place in our hearts at Hansei Solutions, as many of our founders and leaders have been in the addiction and mental health field for decades.

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Internal Vs. External Medical Billing Audits

A medical billing audit is necessary for all healthcare providers to help reduce and catch errors that could lead to denied claims, revenue leakage, investigations, and, most importantly, lost or unhappy patients.

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How To Achieve & Maintain Clean Claims For Your Medical Practice

Clean claims indicate your medical practice follows proper medical billing, coding, and processing guidelines. But if your practice isn't tracking clean claims or taking steps to main their consistency, your cash flow and reputation with payers can quickly deteriorate.

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How To Find The Right Medical Billing Company In California

Finding the right medical billing company can be challenging, especially when there are nearly 2,000 active companies in the US alone. Coupled with over 130,000 hospital and non-hospital facilities across the US and over 900 health insurance companies, the medical billing and healthcare industry is constantly changing and evolving. If healthcare practices are behind on the latest billing and market trends, they can find themselves struggling to meet patient needs and stay operational.

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