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Hansei Solutions takes great pride in acknowledging and honoring the invaluable contributions of the talented women who’ve helped shape this company. This blog is dedicated to three women who have been with Hansei since its inception: Gayle Hanson, our Chief People Officer; Jessica Cupp, Chief Operating Officer; and Stephanie Howland, Director of Operations.

In this article, you’ll learn a little bit about each of them, including what drew them to Hansei, what keeps them motivated, how they’ve personally seen the company change over the past seven years, and what they look forward to in the future.

Gayle Hanson,

Gayle Hanson, Chief People Officer

Gayle Hanson has decades of experience in healthcare and behavioral treatment, tackling various roles, including medication manager and director of operations. Her empathetic nature and hunger to learn embodies Hansei’s core values, and she moved from Utilization Review Manager to overseeing Human Resources to Chief People Officer. Besides her work, Gayle loves exploring new places and appreciating the beauty of the world. She also takes great pride in instilling a sense of curiosity and adventure in her two children.

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What initially drew you to work at Hansei?

I had been working in treatment for about ten years and felt very typecast, but I wanted to get out of direct client care. Working at Hansei has allowed me to be a part of a company that advocates for mental health in the background and is making a difference in the treatment of mental health on another front.

What’s kept you working here all these years?

“Getting to be a part of a successful woman-run company, growing with them, and knowing that I have been a part of building that empire. The culture, working with friends that have become family. Having a role where my voice matters and every voice matters. We really listen to our employees and take their ideas into consideration.”

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in Hansei over the past seven years?

“Definitely the post-Covid workforce where we went remote and, in turn, expanded our workforce across the U.S. It’s been so fun to work with people all over the country with different opinions and ideas. It’s opened up our doors to engage with employees we would not have had access to before, and it’s been a real game changer.”

What’s your hope for the next seven years at Hansei? 

“To continue building our empire and expanding our client roster and employees throughout the U.S., and make Hansei a household name in the substance abuse/mental health arena.”

Anything else you want to share? The more, the merrier!

“I’m so honored to work at a woman-founded and built company and be along for the ride. I never expected seven years ago, when I decided to change my career path, that this was where it would lead me. I am grateful for every chance Erin has taken on me and the opportunity she has given me. I take pride in being a part of the Hansei family and knowing that we are leveling the playing field for equity in mental health while holding insurance companies accountable to the fair treatment of mental health patients.”

Jessica Cupp

Jessica Cupp, Chief Operating Officer

Jessica Cupp has been with Hansei since 2016, overseeing all day-to-day operations as our Chief Operating Officer. She’s worked in every part of the company, specializing in verification and eligibility, utilization review, and outreach and relationships. Jessica’s deep understanding of the fundamentals and workings of the revenue cycle process led her to become the COO in 2019. Outside of the office, Jessica like to travel, stay fit, and cherish moments with her beloved American bully, Luna.

What initially drew you to work at Hansei?

“Initially, my bestie needed a few hours of a helping hand. I jumped and landed. Here’s how I would break it down now. 

Flexibility and Autonomy: Joining a start-up often offers more flexibility and the opportunity to wear multiple hats. Working with a best friend who understands your strengths and provides autonomy can create a work environment that allows for personal and professional growth. 

Exciting Opportunity: Joining a start-up revenue cycle management company can be an exciting opportunity to be part of something innovative and groundbreaking. The potential for growth and the chance to make a significant impact on the company’s success can be highly motivating. 

Shared Vision and Alignment: When the founder of the company is a friend, there is often a shared vision and alignment of goals. Being part of a company where you believe in the mission and direction can be highly motivating and inspiring. From the very first day, I knew Hansei was going to leave a mark and become something bigger than we understood; I was going to be a part of something huge. 

This quickly became an emotional investment leading to a higher level of engagement and commitment, as I have a vested interest in the company’s success. I have believed in our product since day one and will continue to do so due to the bones behind it all.”

What has kept you working here all these years?

“Several factors have contributed to my continued commitment to working at Hansei. Firstly, the company’s culture promotes a strong sense of teamwork, open communication, and recognition of individual contributions. This supportive environment has fostered my personal and professional growth, making me feel valued and motivated. 

Hansei’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and its dedication to delivering high-quality products/services have consistently challenged me and kept me engaged in my work. The opportunity to be part of a dynamic organization that valued professional growth and offered challenging work was highly appealing to me.

Sense of Purpose: Intense but worthwhile work often stems from a clear sense of purpose. When employees understand the impact of their contributions on the company’s success or the lives of others, it ignites a deep motivation and dedication. The knowledge that their efforts make a meaningful difference creates a sense of purpose that drives individuals to go above and beyond; our team is undoubtedly what keeps me going. Their ability to advocate and fight every day is an incredible honor to witness.”

What are the biggest changes you have seen in Hansei over the past seven years?

“Over the past seven years, I have witnessed significant changes in Hansei. One notable change has been the company’s expansion into international markets, resulting in a more diverse and global workforce. This expansion has brought about a broader perspective and new ideas to the organization. 

Furthermore, Hansei has invested heavily in research and development, leading to the introduction of cutting-edge technologies and the enhancement of our product/service offerings. The company has also implemented various digital transformation initiatives, improving operational efficiency and customer experience.”

What is your hope for the next seven years at Hansei?

“Looking ahead, my hope for the next seven years at Hansei is to see the company continue its growth trajectory while maintaining its core values and commitment to excellence. I envision Hansei further expanding its market presence, forging strategic partnerships, and embracing emerging technologies to drive innovation. 

“Additionally, I hope to see continued investment in employee development programs, fostering a culture of continuous learning and providing opportunities for career advancement. Ultimately, my hope is for Hansei to remain a leading organization in its industry, known for its exceptional products/services and the positive impact it creates.”

Anything else you want to share? The more, the merrier. 

“Impact and Purpose: Passion arises when you see the impact your work has on the company, its clients, and the wider community. Being able to witness the positive outcomes and knowing that your efforts make a difference can be incredibly fulfilling. You find purpose in your work, and that sense of purpose drives your passion and motivates you to continuously strive for success.”

Stephanie Howland

Stephanie Howland, Director of Operations

Stephanie Howland is an invaluable asset to Hansei Solutions as our Director of Operations. With her keen eye for detail and commitment to improving efficiencies, she oversees various administrative aspects of our business, playing a crucial role in driving long-term success. Stephanie works closely with our senior management team, collaborating to set strategic goals and ensure our company objectives are met. Outside work, she enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, photography, and live music.

What initially drew you to work at Hansei?

“When I first started at Hansei, we were just becoming established. I loved our mission to help our customers focus on client health while trusting us to advocate for their patients.”

What has kept you working here all these years?

“Our constant commitment to our facilities. We have five core values at Hansei, and each one of those represents our CEO and leadership team. It is great to work for a company primarily driven by women and is proud of it.”

What are the biggest changes you have seen in Hansei over the past seven years?

“Hansei went from a small start-up to a large respected company. During the pandemic, Hansei shifted to remote work and found the opportunity to hire employees from all over the U.S. This has been the most rewarding and successful experience to witness. Hansei has also since earned the certification of “Great places to work,” which indicates a high-trust work experience for all employees.”

What is your hope for the next seven years at Hansei?

“My hope is that Hansei continues its expediential growth and creates even more of a footprint in the health tech industry. It can only get better from here!”

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What Sets Hansei Apart: Our People

Gayle, Jessica, and Stephanie aren’t the only women at Hansei. In fact, 86% of our employees are women, and 62% are mothers. Every single team member prioritizes compassion, patience, and dedication to improving the addiction and mental health treatment space. Additionally, Hansei was Certified by Great Place to Work for 2022 to 2023, recognized for our workplace culture and employee experience. 100% of our employees have expressed that Hansei is truly a great place to work, which is 43% higher than the average U.S. company.

Hansei’s focus on thought leadership is not only evident in our accomplished individuals but also reflected in our organization as a whole. By embracing diversity, empowering our employees, and creating an inclusive and supportive work environment, we foster an atmosphere where innovative ideas and forward-thinking approaches flourish.

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